Amazon Virtual Assistant (Online)

Course Details

  1. Course Fee: PKR. 20,000.00
  2. Total Course Duration: 60 Hours. (3 Months)
  3. Classes are conducted 2 days a week.
  4. Class Duration: 1:30 hrs class and 30 minutes discussion and Q&A session.
  5. Class start after Ramzan.
  6. Class Timing: 8:00PM TO 10:00PM (PST).
  7. For the Course outline, kindly inbox Or WhatsApp us.
  8. Anyone join the Course who knows Urdu from anywhere in the world
  9. All Assignments & Class recordings are provided in the Google classroom.
  1. All Assignments & Class recordings are provided in the Google classroom.
  2. Certificate issued on basis of Assignments.
  3. A professional expert trainer will teach this course.
  4. Girls are encouraged to attend this course from their home environment.
  5. After course support and advice via what’s an app and other possible ways.
  6. Will provide full support for starting their own business or working as AV.
  7. Lecture conducted in the Urdu language.
  8. Quality and class discipline will be ensured.

How to Apply?

If you belong to any Memon Jamat in the below, You have to download the Form and contact your Jamat with printed attached form to avail subsidy.

Subsidy Jamat:

  1. Bhavnagar Memon Jamat
  2. Gondal Memon Association
  3. Junagadh Dhoraji Wala Memon Association
  4. Kutiyana Memon Association
  5. Manavadar Sardargadh Memon Jamat
  6. Pakistan Memon Jamat
  7. Porbandar Suriawad Memon Jamat
  8. Ranavav Memon Association
  9. Saurastra Memon Jamat
  10. The Halari Memon General Jamat
  11. Una Mahal Memon Jamat
  12. Upleta Memon Association
  13. Vadal Memon Anjuman
  14. Vanthali Memon Association
  15. Veraval Patan Memon Anjuman
  16. Halari Memon Jamat Sukkur
Download Form

Other Jamat students or Non-Memon may deposit their fees in prescribed bank account and submit the Google Form with the attached Snapshot of deposit slip.

Bank Detail:

Bank Name: Bank islami Ltd

Account Title: All Pakistan Memon Federation

Branch: Khalid Bin Waleed Road Karachi

Account #107600055170201

IBAN# BKIP0107600055170201

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Muhammad Dawood

My Name is Muhammad Dawood and I am an E-commerce based business strategist and consultant. I have done bachelor’s in Economics from the Institute of Business Administration and currently working as a lead strategist with an acclaimed agency in Pakistan where I am responsible for leading all domains related to product launch and stability.

Simultaneously, I am also running my own Amazon-based servicing agency managing a team was to provide vision, insight, and guidance to propel the team and business forward.

I have been connected with this field for more than 4 years and have worked on more than 40 products with learning and experience being a continual process but there is one thing that’s constant and paced up my growth, it says “Always deliver more than expected “. It’s a value that is understood and valued not only in the world of business but by the clients as well.

Muhammad Faizan

My Name is Muhammad Faizan and I am an E-commerce based strategist. I have done Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from the Usman Institute of Technology and currently working with a renowned agency in Pakistan.

I have been connected with the field of Amazon for the last 3 years and have worked on 25+ products. My dedication, vision, and efficiency keep me motivated and intact with what I do and make me explore every day. Of what I learned throughout my experience is that always take the high road and don’t hesitate in taking on the challenges, it will pace up your learning process and consequently, your growth.