Business English & Conversation Course


  1. Course Fee: PKR. 8,000.00
  2. Total Course Duration: 36 Hours. (1.5 Month)
  3. Classes are conducted Thrice a week.
  4. Offer Basic & Elementary Level.
  5. Slot 1: Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday (3 Classes in a Week)

    Slot 2: Thurs/ Friday/ Saturday (3 Classes in a Week)

  6. Class Timing: 7:00PM TO 09:30PM (PST)
  7. Class Starts from after Ramadan
  8. For the Course outline, kindly inbox Or WhatsApp us.

How to Apply?

If you belong to any Memon Jamat in the below, You have to download the Form and contact your Jamat with printed attached form to avail subsidy.

Subsidy Jamat:

  1. Gondal Memon Association,
  2. Kathiyawar Nasar Pur Memon Jamat,
  3. Kodinar Memon Jamat,
  4. Kutiyana Memon Association,
  5. Pakistan Memon Jamat,
  6. Porbandar Suriawad Memon Jamat,
  7. Ranavav Memon Association,
  8. Saurastra Memon Jamat,
  9. The Halari Memon General Jamat,
  10. The Okhai Memon Youth Services,
  11. Una Mahal Memon Jamat,
  12. Vadal Memon Anjuman,
  13. Vanthali Memon Association,
  14. Veraval Patan Memon Anjuman

Admission Form

Download Form

Danish Muzaffar

Meet Danish, an experienced and highly skilled English language instructor with a passion for teaching and helping students achieve their language goals. With over 12 years of teaching experience, Danish has worked with a range of well-known organizations and institutions, including the British Council, Nobel International Navigation & many more. He recently won ISA award 2022 (International School Award) British Council.

He is Masters in International Relation which makes him well equipped when it comes to global discussion. During his time, Danish develops and delivers a range of courses for students of different ages and backgrounds, from young learners to business professionals. He is expert in creating lesson plans, designing curriculum materials, and assessing student progress to ensure that all students were able to achieve their learning objectives.

As a Cambridge English Language Instructor, Danish is responsible for assessing the language proficiency of candidates seeking to learn internationally recognized qualifications in English. He is highly regarded for his ability to provide fair and accurate assessments while also giving candidates constructive feedback to help them improve their language skills.
In his current role as an English language instructor at a leading language centers and schools, Danish continues to inspire and motivate his students to achieve their language goals. He uses a variety of teaching techniques and materials, including cutting-edge technology, to create engaging and dynamic lessons that cater to the needs and learning styles of each individual student.
He is a passionate educator who is dedicated to helping his students succeed, and his extensive experience and expertise make him an invaluable asset to any language program or institution.