Brain Improvement Program for Kids

Brain Improvement Program for Kids

We all like to have our children become successful in their professional lives, well-educated confident and sharp minded. To serve this purpose to train them since their childhood is a scientific fact because the growth of human brain is started in early childhood. Latest scientific research has proved that those children who have command on mathematical calculations are much more efficient in other sort of works as well.

Considering the fact ALL PAKISTAN MEMON FEDERATION has started with the collaboration of Robo kids a course based on abacus mathematics principles to train our children to solve complexed mathematical calculations without using calculators.

Benefits Of This Course

  • Faster and accurate calculation skills.
  • To enhance problem solving skills.
  • To improve habit of concentration.
  •  Mathematical calculations become so easy.
  • To developed skill of passions and bear pressures in difficult times.
  • To improve self-confidence.
  • To improve listening, Processing, reading, writing and memorizing skills. 

Faculty Head

Aftab Ahmed Khan is the Head of Robokids and Faculty Head of Brain Improvement Program (Genius Kid) and Creative Director working with young teams of programmers, Developers and designers on animation and software projects for clients.

Providing business, management, marketing, advertising, operations and finance advice to teens on their startups.

Certified by NASA & Columbia University for Leadership in STEM education.
Former Head of SZABIST (Science & Technology University) in Dubai.

Worked at: Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Cisco Entrepreneur Institute, ZAFCO & SZABIST.

Developed Saud, Palestinian, French, Egyptian, Moroccan, Indian, Malaysian and Pakistani managers coached Health Care Professional detailers, mentored sale managers.

Organizational Change Management: certified in process Excellence (Six Sigma), facilitated corporate processes: quality assurance, marketing training, Stage Gate approval for new product launches information management, business planning and consumer research.