Online Courses for Star Kids

Short Courses for Kids

Brain Improvement Program For Kids - Module 1 (Batch 3)

In mental math using the Japanese techniques on fingers & abacus. Improve listening, memory, processing speed, and attention skills with quick counting. This course consists on 3 Modules.

Ms Office For Beginners

This course is for learners who may or may not have used the Office suite but who wish to achieve general office proficiency. This course will cover the three most common office programs; Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Web Designing & Adobe Photoshop - For Beginners

This course is for learner who wants to seek the knowledge that how websites made and the designing done on it. A one can make and design the website using different tools. This course will cover Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Android Application Development - For Beginners

Learn to Design and develop Android Applications using MIT app Inventor. Make your own android apps, program them using blocks programming and have fun by sharing and using on android smartphones. You will also learn how to publish applications on Google Store.